WE ARE NOW PLANNING THE FUTURE OF THE ORGANIZATION, researching how to offer extended projects and short-term retreats that positively impact the lives of our clients, partners, and participants


Because this will take time to do well, we purposely have not scheduled a new project at this time. With that said, we would like to give you an idea of how our projects work, and what we’re thinking.

WHERE WILL PROJECTS TAKE PLACE? We are pursuing new project opportunities in Colombia, Greece, Poland, Trinidad and Tobago and Puerto Rico. We are also planning to offer social design retreats in the US.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Project Resound is for compassionate creatives—students and professionals who wish to use their skills and talents to serve and empower others while having fun. It's for those who want to travel to exotic locations, meet new friends, and explore new and ancient cultures. Our projects are about We! — not Me! They’re perfect for team players who help find a way to succeed despite unforeseen challenges. 

WHAT WILL YOU DO? While working with a talented team of subject matter experts, you will experience cultural immersion, team building, contextual research, analysis, systems and design thinking, rapid ideation, and prototyping in order to create unique solutions to real-world problems.

THE RESULT?  Worthy clients will benefit from our research, strategy, and design—a valuable gift that will be helpful to their cause, and for some, truly life-changing! Giving of ourselves without the expectation of reward is soul-satisfying and spiritually uplifting! The project may also have other positive effects—as we learn and apply new skills and methods, garner a unique portfolio piece, and gain new friends. (Also, many participants choose to extend their stay in order to further enjoy and explore the culture and exotic location.)