We were excited to go to beautiful Colombia, the South American nation that has higher levels of biodiversity per square kilometer than any other country on earth. Our team experienced the historic Spanish architecture of Cartagena and the infectious local exuberance for living life while using our skills to serve the farmers of the formerly war-torn region of Montes de María.  

We partnered with the outstanding students and faculty of the La Universidad de los Andes (Uniandes), and our client, Partimonio Natural, a non-profit foundation that strives to conserve the natural areas of Colombia. Our goal was to help connect valuable agricultural products of the dry tropical forest (beans forest honey, avocado, sesame seeds, eggplant and native tropical fruits) to new, viable markets.

Together, 27 service and communications designers, and strategists conducted and analyzed field research, before creating systems and designs. The result was Saber del Monte (The knowledge of the forest), Saber del Monte involves a diverse network of allies that work together in search of sustainable practices of agricultural production, and its value chain—articulating those that allow it to take care of this unique and endangered ecosystem.