In this climatically diverse region we found beautiful colonial cities, active volcanoes and local farmers growing some of the world’s finest coffee. Here we partnered with the wonderful professors and design students of the Universidad del Istmo (UNIS). Twenty-five designers collaborated in the creation of a potable water awareness campaign that included the design of a brand character and a collection of educational materials aimed at elementary school age children.

Here are some samples of our designs. We were lucky to be able to work at the beautiful campus of UNIS where we enjoyed Guatemalan style hot dogs and gourmet coffees — we were also humbled (and delighted) to be treated as guests of honor at their design conference! 

Our primary challenge was managing a large team in the creation of branding and instructional materials. A highlight for all was the addition of sound, which was inspired by our visit to a local school—where the children were practicing for a parade and the xylophones sounded like raindrops.

This is the best thing that I’ve ever done!
— Holly Priest