We’ve gone through master planing and strategic planning and have spent fortunes, and I dare say that we haven’t had anything that’s looked as good, or been as intimate as this.
— John Tissue, Director, Cherokee Historical Association

The Cherokee people have persevered through triumph and tragedy—an incredible story of betrayal, survival and reestablishment. Project Resound was asked to help carry on this legacy by creating designs that further the Cherokee Historical Association’s mission to “perpetuate and preserve the history and culture of the Cherokee People.”

Our tasks—to develop a visual language that created consistency for the brand and culture, to innovate VIP service experiences and advance the architecture to include box seating and positive environmental experiences at cultural attractions including the Oconaluftee Indian Village living history site and the outdoor theater housing the drama Unto these Hills. The diversity of the team allowed for a human-centric approach which brought an aesthetic abundance to existing materials and cast a vision for redevelopment and additional values. 

The team experienced the eclipse of 2017 as it crossed directly over Cherokee, North Carolina. This humbling phenomenon bonded the team which resulted in a final product that went far beyond the creative scope.